M*tl*b?  as in: gnu octave, only bro

Dagnan: Depending on the kind of learner you are there are several tools that can help there. Use *scratch* or ielm, do take a look at info “eintr” and emacs comes with example code, so if you want something that is similar to an existing function, just read that functions source. Linked in ch f.

Dagnan: Yes, thankfully such meta data exists.

Costantino: How much fiber do you need to keep your expressions regular?

Hudnut: Or else with a fiber pipe between them.

Dagnan: That’s an awful lot of fiber.

Hudnut: Cause iirc light goes about 65% of the speed it does in a vacuum in a fiber.

Awong: The good thing in having m. Sc. In physics is that you do know what light does and how.

Dagnan: Right. I wish these physics myths wouldn’t get spread so readily. But i get it, it’s usually second or third hand from a grade school physics teacher.

Dagnan: Or shoddily written science journalism.

Dagnan: My other pet peeve is “where did the big bang happen, since it was a Esche it had to be at a point in space, right? “.

Dagnan: Again, i understand why people are confused. It’s hardly their fault. The big bang Esche isn’t intuitive.

Awong: There was no Esche.  when they say that there was, they mean “we do not actually know what there actually was. ”.

Dagnan: Well yeah, we can’t look past a certain point in time. But there is a mathematical Esche in the model.

Awong: Istr that mine was.  which was a feature i always wanted to turn off.  like, desperately.

Holladay: Usually it does. Using ido?

Costantino: Not with a whimper, but a bang.

Awong: I guess one of my hosts had a name starting with ‘u’, so when i cx cf u…, it wasn’t usr that i’d get.

Dagnan: Was recently listening to an alternative interpretation of the “Esche” by penrose.

Awong: Yes.  every model has its “applicability range”.  when the model results in a Esche, it means that it doesn’t really cover that particular case.

Costantino: Let’s **** off Dagnan by explaining quantum computers as just m***ively parallel cl***ical computers.

Klutz: Ido helps, i wonder what that will break .

Dagnan: To be honest, i’m not a mathematician, so i won’t fully understand until i read his book. But this layman’s understanding is that he propses that the “Esche” is actually the entirety of the previous universe, and were you to be able to expand it’s time, you would find another “Esche” at the beginning. Which i interpret possibly wrongly as suggesting that we are accidentally using a logarithmic ruler to measure linear.

Uphoff: Let’s **** off everyone by talking about quantum computers, period.

Awong: Ack.  which looks like yet another model, anyway.

Nasworthy: Then let’s get really excited about neural networks.

Costantino: Huh, i didn’t know penrose got a knighthood.

Dagnan: Well, sometimes it’s not so much a different problem but a different way of describing the same problem, but yeah.

Dagnan: I try to keep a clear distinction in my head between scientific models and scientific theories. When it comes to quantum i gave up on any model making sense, and just accept the math as it is.

Gjeltema: I wonder why our users so frequently selfcensor m*tl*b.

Gullion: Because it makes them angry?

Dagnan: It implies that matlab is a dirty word.

Mcintyde: Or, yeah, what Dagnan said.

Zonker: Channelwisdom rage ****#emacssayslist.

Truncellito: Yeah, why do they think it’s a dirty word?

Oberloh: It’s a more sensible expletive than the f word, frankly.

Costantino: It’s funny, but the radioactive spiders is probably the least probable part of the sentence.

Dagnan: Other way around, they are declaring it to be a dirty word.

Bettino: Radioactive spiders are easy.

Awong: M*tl*b?  as in gnu octave, only broken?

The ideal solution for residential woul

Trautmann: Our new system which is 2. 4,3. 65,5. X ghz is capable of providing 120megabit over the air up to 10 miles.

Blum: How much is one of those?

Manfred: And each endpoint device?

Khatcherian: Using the next iteration of mpeg you could probably offer a ‘broadcast basic’ tv line up too.

Zach: Access points if bought in single increments are $2400.

Boxton: So wireless infrastructure might be a decent sector for competition.

Sebert: Did you only have 1 per subdivision then?

Ulcena: The fcc really needs to release more stuff like 3. 65ghz band.

Miracle: It would be a hard sell because the customers are likely to have a Seiersen.

Lockerman: Problem is wireless in a city is more likely to be unuseable due to noise.

Maron: As well as higher density. Being a problem which can be dealt with but its an irony that to many would be a problem ;.

Crutchfield: I keep a microwave oven running with the door open on my porch to keep mosquitoes away.

Humphrey: At $2400, how did you make money?

Barra: If you live in a small town. And you have big hills that can see almost everyone. That is a good indicator you should start a wireless isp lol.

Vandixon: It would take a year to pay back that on a business line.

Streb: Our original aps were wifi. But it was garbage. They costed as low as $300$800, then we went motorola canopy which is what we use exlusively for access gear now. Those cost $1200 for the legacy aps.

Hillenbrand: You have to charge install fees.

Razzano: Even if its like $99.

Roskam: Seems like a hard sell unless they area doesn’t have good broadband.

Then: The cpe can range in price from $200 $360 for the high end 120megabit capable stuff.

Perkin: But people can get internet for $100 a month for home, you would never get your money back.

Ellenburg: Wireless is a wide area resolution to a lack of broadband.

Harclerode: If we could get more spectrum we could offer more service but the fcc is in control of that.

Violett: I want gigabit to residental over wireless.

Quillin: Not without like 10 mimo antennas.

Chrestman: Its a matter of coding efficency.

Peterman: K0hax you cannot use that as a solution for residential access.

Eby: It uses the whole spectrum, and its not a multipoint system.

Noseff: So, you are saying for maybe $10k in hardware i can start my own wisp?

Engelbrecht: If you wanted to go cheap.

Lelacheur: Cambium who bought out motorolas wireless broadband division also has ‘lite’ aps.

Trumpower: They are the legacy aps but limited to 10 clients.

Grima: The cambium solution is nice because it does have qos implemented, it does have per cpe rate limiting controlled via radius attributes.

Stratz: Did twc send you evil mails or something when you stole all their customers?

Walton: Just need to have Seiersen over power lines.

Wyatt: I told you it wasn’t twc nerb.

Warr: Complain to the governemnt or?

Lairson: Power lines wont happen due to noise.

Olide: Did whatever company start to play dirty?

Nizo: Even inbuilding power network is dirty as ****.

Kashner: As a ham, i’m very glad power line internet got shot down.

Lacour: The transformers kill the transmission so everyone of them would have to have an active repeater at them.

Okuno: At that point your just running rf over 2 pair untwisted. So worse than coax.

Husenaj: I can’t see cities funding fiber runs.

Emmer: Fiber is the solution.

Dekoning: Fiber keeps you regular.

Barren: The ideal solution for residential would be if the muni funded to dump direct fiber to hubs around the county and allowed broadband networks to colocate and hookup their gear both ends.

Folks, we’ve received a couple of email

Hauth: Does anyone know how to force outgoing network communications bound for the source system to escape the system? I’m esssentially trying to sniff loopback network info. I pop in the hostname and it still byp***es the sniffed interfaces.

Kulback: I know that seafood wasnt kosher lol.

Heffernen: I have kali on a stick.

Miglorie: Its loaded with all that stuff already.

Ginsel: I’ve only done sniffing via arp replay attacks.

Kaleiwahea: I’m trying to capture a mysql p***word hash out of a windows system. I’m using wireshark to sniff but whenever i tell the client to send data over the network it uses the loopback interface this system is windows 7.

Siefferman: I could probably code something to do it, but i haven’t used any tools.

Zepp: I hear there is a rawsniff project but it does not seem to have the protocol digest i require.

Kimball: Yes, theres a whole framework for it i didnt know about haha.

Piatkowski: The paper you linked seems to talk about just injecting a hook into a web page through mitm.

Eytcheson: Oh no nvm, apparently they use a plugin called shank for beef.

Kleinpeter: Yeah its still using beef.

Kulback: They should have named it livebeef lol.

Nagtalon: I just realized because im using usb key.

Mendivil: Oh nvm, i can enable persistence and do a sudo aptget upgrade right?

Juba: You’re trying to mitm with physical access to the machine?

Frymark: Anybody use nagios for graphing trending?

Kulback: Tor is blacklisting exit nodes vulnerable to heartbleed.

Corbi: Isn’t that a good thing?

Kulback: Just saw the fresh headline minutes ago figured id p*** along.

Faulkenbury: How true is it that the nsa actually knew about heartbleed for quite a while now, but chose to exploit it instead of exposing it.

Bussen: I believe it’s generally ***umed that the nsa had access to that bug for months before it became public, but i don’t think anyone has proof that the nsa specifically was using it.

Guiltner: I see, there’s no actual proofs for that statement, just speculations.

Bussen: There are some people who have said they were doing full ssl logging, and had logs showing those malformed requests back in nov2013, coming from a few ips that were known to be monitoring public chat networks. If that doesn’t scream gov’t surveilance, i don’t know what does.

Osendorf: That sounds like the article i read which also said 2 requests 5 minutes apart iirc.

Osendorf: That doesn’t really match the pattern of someone actually exploiting this.

Kulback: Yea im sure thats what it was.

Kulback: They monitor online video games too like wow lol.

Kulback: And wanted to buy lots of used playstations or xboxes.

Kulback: To dig through forensically.

Kulback: They got nothing better to do.

Kulback: Gotta get those counterstrike terrorists!

Kulback: Um. Its a game. They’re not real terrorists.

Kulback: When these kinds of things happen the congressional budget committees clearly arent doing their job, these agencies obviously have too much money and will blow it on anything.

Kulback: Whoever came up with the ‘use it or lose it’ rule about budgets should be shot.

Comoletti: It seems a regular nic will translate 802. 11 frames into 802. 3 frames. It also seems that setting my nic into promiscuous mode, i will not only sniff packets that were not targeted to me, but also see them all as 802. 11 frames, if they’re originally 802. 11 frames.

Kulback: If you save money and come out under budget that should be rewarded not penalized by taking away next years allotment.

Kulback: Jsut saying, thats one common reason for wasteful spending, not necc. Here.

Quesada: Folks, we’ve received a couple of emails today from aol addresses with a link in the body to a potentially malicious site. Does anyone have any inside information regarding if aol was hacked as a part of the heartbleed incident?

Im reading here that all mathematicfal

Forthman: But i’m not writing both lists down.

Harpold: Right, its just an infinite order cyclic group.

Silla: Fully, and then counting the ones.

Baseman: Less than 143 that are on both.

Wally: Forget the numbers. There are 6 choices for n and 7 choices for m.

Milks: That is going to take too long.

Kitson: Yes that’s what you said.

Ratkowski: Modulo 11 and 13, respectively.

Hemanes: You said like forget something.

Musulin: Ok so 6 choices for n and 7 choices for m.

Leiferman: 17 35 13 inte the answer is 42.

Harpold: But thats how you get there.

Harpold: Its literally right there.

Jenab: Sorry i can’t be as smart as you, Harpold.

Rauls: So anyhow, 6 choices for n and 7 choices for m. How does that help me?

Thraen: The obvious noncyclic additive subgroups of q are the additive groups of the rings given by localizing z at sets of prime ideals; are there others?

Harpold: If he hadn’t said before the answer was 42 i wouldnt have aeen it.

Kleppen: The traditional statement of the crt is awful. It says “if you have x mod n and x mod m, then you know x mod lcmn. M. It should say “if you have a solutions px = 0 mod n and py = 0 mod m and gcdn,m = 1 then there is a unique z mod n*m with z = x mod n, z = y mod m, which satisfies pz = 0 mod n*m, i. E. It’s all about transferring solutions from smaller rings mod n, mod m to a bigger one mod nm.

Schild: N=pq, then zn is isomorphic to zp x zq.

Masaki: You can use the crt on any 6*7 choices of n and m.

Tanious: Still, why it is the answer i don’t know.

Harpold: Thats exactly what i saw. See?

Darting: That’s what i’ve been trying to explain yesterday and the last 90 minutes.

Sandora: So you have42 possibilities of n and m.

Arenburg: I think the statement in terms of group isomorphisms is pretty good.

Becera: Well, sorry, i shouldn’t laugh. I wasted your time greatly, but thank you for helping me.

Sernas: I’d hoped it’s about rings.

Lesueur: Yes, for example mn in lowest terms n is cubefree.

Sifers: Im reading here that all mathematicfal theorems and lemmas, corollaries, or propositions in general have a set of hipotehses and a conclusion, and to prove the theorem we have to show that the conclusion follows from the hypotheses.

Lutao: Okay but now there are some propositions which we are asked to prove like prove that a set a is equal to a set b.

Foxx: Where are the hypotheses and the conclusion, how are we showing that the hypothesis imply the conclusion.

Rawat: And whats the conclusion *?

Jaster: You decompose your reasoning from hypothesis to conclusion in a series of smaller steps, arguing that each step is reasonable.

Lozey: You use rules of inference.

Mcfeeters: Allowed rules of inference.

Pamperin: Like modus ponens, modus tollens, syllogisms ,metc.

Fouty: To reach from the set of hypotheses to the conclusion.

Ehlers: But im interesting in the case where we need to prove a set a is equal to a set b.

Ercanbrack: Where are the hypotheses and the conclusion.

Biscahall: Yeah, every nonzero element in q has infinite order. Torsionfree roaming on the wide savannah.

Harpold: I derped for a minute d.

Harpold: Well, i guess i reasoned to it eventually.

Harpold: So it wasn’t that bad.

Veitinger: Hey jo what’s the transpose of the jacobian Pixley?

Torrell: Just switch the indices?

Sulton: What is this diagram doing?

Nagy: Im reading here that all mathematicfal theorems and lemmas, corollaries, or propositions in general have a set of hipotehses and a conclusion, and to prove the theorem we have to show that the conclusion follows from the hypotheses.

I’m sure you could target business cust

Mahar: Nah you make Privalsky manson look like a sane individual.

Londo: Just think its funny the Lachance would call some one creeper after that statement.

Gebert: Everyone in here is creepy.

Bisher: Anyone who would use chat in the first place is creepy.

Naegeli: Sounds like a good business plan, create wireless isp and steal twc customers.

Savitz: I wonder if part of the deal included never starting another similar company.

Ganigan: You cannot easily run two wireless isps that use nonlicensed spectrum in the same area.

Difelice: It is even possible to do a wireless isp withotu licensing spectrum?

Struckhoff: We only have licensed ptp stuff.

Leidecker: I thought licensing spectrum along with having a tall place to put antennas was required.

Tonche: Its less reliable than the unlicensed gear. Due to oddities.

Eland: Kristan you can get 3. 65ghz semilicensed but. Its garbage.

Sirianni: The 5ghz band is what the fcc considers the wireless isp band.

Reaume: So what does it take to setup something like that.

Housand: What do you mean upstream?

Schorzman: In general what does it take?

Savakis: Its no different than wired until last mile.

Dolak: Yeah, i mean you can’t just pickup a Seiersen from level3.

Zipperer: You think wireless makes a difference?

Dreiss: Its just the layer 1.

Bromberek: I guess i’m just not familiar with getting a Seiersen from someone other than an isp.

Shoulta: Our system uses a ‘high end’ method that was similar to atm cells. Because of its predictability it was better for gps timing for frequency reuse, and also fec.

Morgenstein: I’d imagine it would be hella expensive.

Handzel: Depends how much you want.

Nishiguchi: The more the cheaper.

Rebillard: Do you pay for a pipe at that point or bandwidth used?

Hug: Wholesale bandwidth we pay for can be $14 a megabit.

Loyack: Can you run a wireless isp off a twc business modem?

Zaragosa: We provide the pipe they provide the peering to others.

Poque: Kristan not lawfully.

Mcconnaughy: It would be considered service resale.

Ohora: Plus you wouldn’t have any ip space.

Dekoning: I turned on newmodel when ****ing around on my home router.

Zeherquist: Your not even considering the wireless portion here.

Vrbas: Is wireless reliable enough to push on broadband though?

Dekoning: Well i can get in, i just can’t enable.

Lock: Did you steal residential customers or business?

Latunski: Savidge like cabledslgpon it requires a specific signal.

Dekoning: Even had my wife put the console cable on it, and still won’t enable.

Mullennex: Werent residential a pita.

Callier: Or could you let twc have the pita ones.

Willrett: The gear we used was specifically designed for dumb ***es.

Clan: Lots of Darga options to work with it.

Daughdrill: Darga spectrum ****yzer.

Dekoning: Hopefully i didn’t do anything important recently that i’ll lose on a write mem.

Mensick: What pipe did you offer with residental?

Sautter: What if they demand a tech come out to rerun the coax.

Jendrick: Savidge depends if they have clear line of sight or not.

Whitley: 1mbps is probably more than enough for many people.

Zesati: If your using coax at the customer. Youre not doing it right.

Yeaton: Or the customer is crazy.

Dekoning: I can’t even reload remotely.

Sack: I’m sure you could target business customers pretty easy, considering the outrageous business line costs. If they just need web access.