You may have already done it, but the i

Osaile: And thread stack is 256k.

Franks: Avoiding going to swap is also useful.

Osaile: How about “percona reviewed it and they didn’t notice that either”? Lol.

Moag: Well, if you’re overly conservative and will never come near the amount of ram that you have, perhaps.

Moag: But i would never risk it on a production box.

Moag: Which reminds me when we got smacked by rackspace for adding a swapfile on the fly on a vps.

Osaile: I don’t seem to see used ram peak above steady state during traffic bursts, bulk loads, etc.

Osaile: Maybe if i had many large simultaneous requests?

Osaile: 5gb seems a lot of headroom.

Sudo: Unsure of standard practice. Is this fine? Encrypt’firstp***word’, concat’$6$’, substringsharand, 16, ‘email1example. Com’.

Hostler: I’ll read any writeups anyone wants to send me, too.

Hesselink: What are you trying to do?

Mayton: Hey so this is a bizarre question, more looking for the right channel to join, but is there a channel that is not so much mysql specific, but more for general database questions?

Kwaterski: I have a crazy idea that my just work for my industry, and i need some people to Batterson ideas off of.

Correl: Actually, setting up postfix and friends. Not interfacing with php right now, but that doc says it uses unix’s crypt which is what mysql’s encrypt uses so if that’s standard i guess i’m all set.

Childress: Depends on the question. If you’re using mysql, then it’s ok to ask here.

Childress: Crossdatabasecompatibility ****s. The sql standard has lots of “up to the vendor to choose” things, so many things aren’t handled the same.

Wachowiak: Oh, here we go, the wikipedia page on crypt explans these $ identifiers. Cool.

Lavgle: Everyone says ‘use bcrypt’ so i’ll probably be using bcrypt!

Heimbach: Ok. So i am using mysql, and i work in the portfolio recovery industry. And something that statistical ****ysis on my part has borne out is that people with names that are steretypical with certain ethnicitiesraces are more or less liely to pay their debts. When purchasing portfolios, we are usually given access to a limited version of the database that allows us to see names, states and a few other things, but none of the inform.

Fross: Ation of the actual debts. What i would like to do is setup a way to essentially check the composition of the portfolios based on raceethnicity to decide if it is worth purchasing. I am thinking in mysql the best way would be to set up a table for specific racesethnicities and run queries to see how many entries from each table are present in the portfolio. To do this i would need something like a dictionary for racialethnic n.

Gildow: Ames per group. Does this make any sense to anyone here?

Cassiday: Also, would be setting up categories for old people names, as they tend to be less likely to pay as they are usually on social securityssi and they know they cant be garnished etc.

Cintora: So they just dont care.

Presler: Any idea what would be the best way to set up something like this?

Antony: Start with a normalized schema, as it should make extracting groups easier.

Childress: It sounds like what you’re asking for is very much business logic. Mysql can help with that, but it’s only one piece. A query can only help with providing the data to the question, but not provide you with “yeah, buy it”.

Pickney: Yeah. I am thinking for each table, i would have something like a firstname and lastname field. My issue is going to be finding the data on what names are common in specific racesagesethnicities. I am also thinking i will probalbly have a few things that rae just partial names that are mroe common in specific groups, such as any name ending in kwon.

Erskin: Or any name starting with mc or mac.

Antony: I agree with Childress.

Childress: You may have already done it, but the important part about everything is defining the rules and percentages used to determine your options. You should be able to do this with using a spreadsheet with paper. Then you can convert it to mysql.

I bet. I guess i’ll try to figure out n

Schilder: Oh, its pa or b pa and b.

Hawman: Theoretically, such an algorithm would have a space complexity of on in a pure implementation, and o1 in an unpure implementation, right?

Wire: What’s the difference between pure and impure implementations?

Hawman: The unpure implementation ***igns the new value to the original array whereas the pure implementation returns a new array.

Rupley: Suppose that a language l satisfies the property for all u exists a v such that uv is lequivalent to the empty string. Prove that for all u for all v there exists a w such that uw is lequivalent to v.

Yorke: Yeah. I think you’re right because any algorithm that returns an array of n elements takes on space.

Hawman: But if the array returned was already allocated?

Petrucelli: Then i think the convention is to say it’s o1 space.

Lumpkin: If the array was already allocated for instance if it is the array that contained the input, it usually isn’t counted against the space complexity.

Lumpkin: Stack usage counts for space complexity.

Won: Theory a being weaker than theory b, means a can deduce more , or less things than theory b?

Lumpkin: It means that less things hold in theory a.

Doubet: More specifically it probalby means that if it hold in a it must hold in b.

Driggins: In my book, i think they have ten unless i’m misunderstanding what parameters are. I’ve got fx,y=c1 c2x c3y c4x2 c5xy c6y2 c7x3 c8yx2 c9xy2 c10y3 = 0.

Monagan: It wasn’t clear to me that’s what you meant by cubic.

Barreras: Ah yeah. Sorry for the confusion.

Prich: Any ideas on how to approach this type of cubic?

Gain: I’m trying to figure out what a hyperreal number is, and so far i can’t tell.

Bewley: You first need to decide what you want to know.

Bewley: What do you want? Several equivalent definitions? Intuition?

Peche: The hyperreals are a much larger field containing the real numbers, but satisfying the same elementary firstorder properties.

Beu: Peche, that i understand.

Bewley: They’re really just the reals with added infinite and infinitesimal elements.

Bewley: But constructed in a way that allows you to transfer knowledge about the reals to the hyperreals.

Bewley: See what Peche said for the actual logical version of that statement.

Bewley: Much as you can construct “the” reals as sequences of rational numbers, you can construct “the” hyperreals as sequences of reals.

Mette: Are you suuuuure about that?

Bewley: The nice thing about the sequence construction is that infinitesimals correspond to sequences that converge to zero and the reals can be embedded as Hittman sequences.

Buczkowski: Gu,v = fx,y, is guu,v = fxx,y*x’ fyx,y*y’ or something else?

Buczkowski: Trying to wrap my head around partial derivative chainrule problems. Tough stuff.

Gilford: B0g, ***uming by x’ you mean ∂x∂u then yes.

Buczkowski: I thiiink that’s what i meant.

Ritz: All i want to do is figure out how many permutations of 5 can i make by pulling i item from five groups of which 4 contain 3 items each and one contains only 1 item.

Sutter: Why is s raised to 4?

Burtis: Technically it’s 3*3*3*3*1 three items from each of four groups and one item from the last.

Annuzzi: Right, but does this make sure that that you can’t draw from the groups after you’ve already chosen one?

Discipio: Basically each of those 3s says “pick one of the three elements of that type”.

Breiland: So it’s just 34 multiplied by 5?

Yott: Thanks everyone. Guess it was easier than i was making it out to be.

Haughey: This happens a lot, actually.

Faulds: I bet. I guess i’ll try to figure out now how i can avoid running 5! *34 trials of my experiment.

Are you really complaining that you can

Amadio: Could you show the other command?

Killings: Ah i see, that makes sense. No extra index is required in this case.

Killings: Or if you’re saying that the primary key of one table references another table, then you’re trying to do something odd. ﺕ.

Killings: Didn’t mean to send that again.

Ochakovsky: Ok i will test it anyways, thanks.

Dubord: Postgres is capable of using an index if the columns it’s looking for form are in the prefix of that index.

Perotta: Humm. In fact the deadlock may have occurred because of fks.

Inzerillo: And i ***ume those are in the same transaction, right?!

Silvius: The locks and the update? Yes.

Pfeiffer: But i’m doing these on a running web app, so i have around 5~6 concurrent users.

Clemons: Tuple concurrently updated.

Massing: Usually a race condition on a system catalog update.

Clemons: Hmm, well a bunch of grants were being performed.

Clemons: That’s what i’m looking to see now.

Mudger: Or concurrently with something else that might update the row for an object being granted on?

Clemons: Looks like concurrent grants.

Gussman: Yeah, that’ll likely do it.

Clemons: Yeah, i’ll just try to avoid that in the future, then.

Hartnett: Is there a command to dump a database from within psql?

Hartnett: I will try this, thanks .

Hicklin: I doubt it would do what you want.

Killings: Someone needs to teach Golding about johto’s new articles.

Jeong: For the benefit of unsuspecting readers possiblu Hartnett, johto’s command will launch a shell from psql and execute pgdump.

Hartnett: Thanks for your note.

Hartnett: I have pgdump 9. 3, and i would like to dump for a 8. 4 postgres db.

Killings: It might work by ignoring errors or fixing by hand. But there’s no way that’s guaranteed to work.

Accurso: I think you are not supposed to this, but if pgdump from 8. 4 can dump data from 9. 3 db, i think that can definitely be imported to 8. 4 db without any problems.

Killings: That almost certainly won’t work.

Killings: Aborting because of server version mismatch”.

Hartnett: My pgdump is 9. 3 and my db is 9. 3 too but i would like to import this to a 8. 4 db.

Clemons: That’s not supported.

Clemons: But if it doesn’t you’re on your own.

Clemons: Then trying to import the file in 8. 4?

Killings: I was confused for a moment.

Clemons: That, in theory, could work.

Killings: Yeah. By ignoring errors or fixing them by hand.

Clemons: Pgdump 8. 4 against 9. 3? Not a hope.

Mckeehan: Source server version = pgdump version = pgrestore version if applicable = destination server version.

Westerbeck: Does the destination psql version matter for text format dumps?

Jaysura: Set locktimeout = 0;.

Westerbeck: Huh? Did you mean someone else?

Burr: That was cutandpaste for “9. 3′s pgdump emits something earlier server’s dont’ know”.

Westerbeck: I mean the psql client program, not the postgres server.

Milla: Ah, yeah, that should be irrelevant.

Kristensen: Did you see that it was both pgidentifyobject and pgsequenceparameters?

Ator: I added a regression test to prevent cases like it, so yes, i noticed it ;.

Lovfald: Evidently we should have a regression test for that, heh.

Zdon: Can’t believe postgres can’t handle anything but Hittman values for table partitioning.

Viola: Are you really complaining that you can’t have dynamic partitions, as if that makes any sense or has support in any database?

It doesn’t match antidisestablishment

Bora: If so mx insertchar tabtab then go to the prompt buffer and save it and. Actually there is probably a better way to that.

Huberman: Hey where was that regex that matched english words.

Erick: Dced, did i miss something.

Maxi: It had false positives.

Filippini: False positive as in it matched words not in the list.

Brugal: Or was it really that specific?

Sevy: In the “not at all news” category, i heard on npr yesterday that someone had written a chrome extension to replace all occurrences of “literally” with “figuratively”.

Schwipps: Not as good as the cl***ic cloudtobutt extension.

Sevy: I have had that installed for a few months.

Swayze: Def lazycat repeat “

Are you binding inside of a do***ent re

Scahill: Good business man though!

Milano: Is it fair to say it was easier to come up with a good idea in those times since they were still like. ****ting in the street?

Heningburg: That bot is persistent.

Pead: I would argue the contrary.

Bentrem: The good ideas or about the bot?

Rebert: So stick with an older version?

Norskog: Or update your code fix errors.

Sillery: But the old height value is being logged, not the one from the injected stylesheet.

Rodrequez: I have an idea, post the right paste.

Farrior: If calling jquery doesn’t result in an error, that’s likely not your problem.

Suwannakintho: But why is remove native? Shouldn’t it map ot jquery call?

Flank: Is elem a jquery object?

Roffman: When i use only jquery it works as expected. Yeah it has jquery cache id.

Dundon: How do i test if it is a jquery object. I simply queried $.

Kunsman: Okay. And you said it works normally when you don’t have angular included?

Demint: No clue then. Is the code functioning as expected?

Betschman: And are you including jquery before angular?

Laible: I tried both. Before n after.

Bisher: Zizzl holy christ that’s a lot of work to do inside a scroll event.

Alstad: Interesting. If i type the expression $. . Remove in watch. It points to appropriate code.

Pinzon: Not sure what is going on or mapped to by angularjs.

Vangrouw: P how are you all today?

Raybuck: Jaross you are aware angular includes a limited subset of jquery, right?

Hudgins: Zizzl right the first one should be fine for that.

Greenidge: Yeah. That is why i included the entire set.

Vangrouw: Hey which browser does android use?

Grippen: Depends on the phone.

Mcgillis: Eisenzimmer, yeah but i’m doing the same thing just a couple more things. Can you see why mine doesn’t apply live and has to wait until the scroll is over?

Anakalea: Zizzl the second one?

Leigh: Zizzl the second one is doing wayyy too much calculation on scroll.

Natal: Xniz most are using chrome these days.

Vangrouw: Hmm it seems like its going to be hell optimizing for mobile devices.

Perring: Ok. Here is the problem $. 0. Remove is native.

Theophilus: Because $. 0 returns a native dom element.

Pinnick: 04 23 17 50 41 * jamto11 ~jamto11cpe6665289. Nyc. Res. Rr. Co. Eq0.

Mcfarlan: Eisenzimmer, what would you recommend to do a few elements like that?

Felch: Zizzl why isn’t the first example acceptable?

Tramontano: Eisenzimmer because that is fine for just the opacity but i’m trying to do a couple more things.

Purzycki: Eisenzimmer, if i’m doing it wrong can you help?

Setias: Oh did you mean “like what? “.

Vangrouw: Eisenzimmer, well my webpage is great on firefox on my android device. But. Not so much on my androids default browser.

Olveda: Just explain what else you want to do.

Stohlton: I thought you were being sarcastic like, but you’re doing it like that?

Arzabala: The problem is you’re running things inside an event that can fire hundred times a second basically.

Ecklar: Eisenzimmer, trying to decrease some margins gradually at the same time.

Ray: Eisenzimmer i put the simple code on my site and it still does it after scroll.

Falvo: Is it because i’m loading in the footer?

Surran: Zizzl “i’m loading in the footer” wat?

Barabas: Are you bouncing events or anything?

Behanan: Nope, well not that i know of.

Glisson: Are you binding inside of a do***ent ready?