This isn’t really an argument that is a

Schaller: Well then you’re arguing about nothing, because i’ve taken up no other position.

Howk: Or at least the original idea for it.

Dorazio: Other than the fact that your characterization of net neutrality as some kind of free market solution is bull****.

Kofahl: I think qos is harmful.

Coshow: Currently they prefer certain types of traffic like voice and video, etc.

Overson: But that means they have to know that it is voice or video.

Astry: Anyway, i’ve got to bounce.

Pelayo: Which means they need to continuously update that software.

Godde: If someone develops a novel form of compression for either, then even considering gains from compression or whatever then it will not get qos’d.

Hirko: Or another format entirely, whatever.

Zadroga: The point is that it duplicates responsibilities.

Garofano: Just let it be slower.

Bittle: Improve the network elsewhere.

Lightford: You can get insanely fast connections in many countries.

Sucher: I was thinking denmark.

Schnitzler: And other countries like that.

Deschamp: That’s a pretty weak argument. Any network is constantly changing and always needs to be updated. There are new protocols like ipv6, etc.

Deschamp: Qos is more about latency, not bandwidth.

Zogopoulos: That doesn’t mean we should just add more and more crap to it.

Nickell: And duplicate effort everywhere.

Thonen: I still think it’s a false sense of speed.

Horney: Dubai ment to have fast internet.

Horney: Hong kong best in the world.

Elser: There was a ranking i saw recently.

Hollings: I forget the link though.

Efron: The u. S. And canada are **** though.

Stuemke: It’s still a heuristic though, and not a great solution.

Casiano: There is no standardized way of doing it.

Biren: Compressed frames can still be qos’d by just refering to ip dscp.

Deschamp: Why should everyone be forced to spend money for expensive hardware when software can fix it easily? Surely that would have a bigger negative impact on the overall economy?

Biren: However similar to the ‘evil bit’ one might consider for internetwide end to end qos.

Siaperas: That’s a legitimate argument.

Alaibilla: I still think qos is brittle though.

Biren: Can we have a meta converstion about why qos gets to have a little tiny o?

Guarnera: If there were an open standard that everyone agreed on.

Calver: Then i would agree with it.

Biren: See wikipedia discussion page on qos.

Ryhal: Arbitrary capitalization rules.

Littrell: For example if the ietf came up with a way to speed up video and voice traffic using free formats of course then sure.

Domanski: Because then it’s fair.

Rainge: And it’s standardized.

Biren: Using free formats of course.

Foresman: Because the rfc would have to tell you how to implement those too.

Biren: The open standards exist.

Blaze: I see a qos working group that concluded in 1997.

Biren: It’s literally built in to the ip stack.

Biren: The whole problem is about governance and scalability.

Biren: Ultimately, who are you to tell me what to do? Router.

Biren: How does one prevent malicious tagging on a wild landscape? Where do you set your trust boundaries?

Biren: As far as protocol inspection itself it’s fairly trivial to identify rtmt type traffic with simple protocol ****yzers.

Biren: This isn’t really an argument that is a protocol discussoin.

Yeah i shoulda mentioned he has arm and

Nickolich: Proloser i hope this is for brain damaged kids or something.

Fiedtkou: If it’s “red” it’s neutral.

Masoud: My uncle is a quadriplegic.

Mitch: Or however you spell it.

Seebold: My family has been using morse code to communicate with him.

Munteanu: He’s got like a collapsed lung, etc.

Kamerer: He’s like in his 50′s and although he’s been a quadriplegic since he was like 15.

Toyoshima: He was actually the head of a an entire department at sun microsystems.

Nickolich: Proloser this is going to come across as stupid, but isnt a leap like, the worst possible thing for a quadripelegic person?

Marcella: He’s like a linux driver’s programmer.

Konderla: I am looking into the myo armband.

Waston: Which i think may be far more promising.

Nickolich: Where’s that brain scanner thing from ted.

Quinchia: Leap is super twitchy.

Pesarchick: I’m at the hospital now.

Romesburg: I’ll send you guys a picture if you want later hah.

Dobrin: It’s so hard to find good legal help in texas.

Laos: I quite my job to work on this project.

Tanzman: Friggin…gulp…ugh.

Totaro: I know about it, it’s on thinkgeek. Com.

Delmas: But it’s only good enough for like ‘triggers’ or ‘clicks’.

Sam: You still need something to move along the range of letters.

Nickolich: Proloser this is something i’m totlaly interested in.

Nickolich: So def let us know more.

Gabler: Wow that’s a wild story good luck keep us posted.

Godel: So i was thinking of using the brain scanner myo armband = move arm to choose letter and think ‘click’ to select.

Dechart: Before you think this idea ****s, go checkout minuum.

Crimin: It’s a super awesome keyboard.

Ito: I want to design that.

Loser: I tried petitioning them to let me into their sdk program but no response yet.

Nickolich: Proloser idea doesn’t **** at all.

Switalski: You don’t choose a row.

Kleppen: Minuum will automatically figure out approximately what letter you wanted.

Mein: Accuracy is not important whatsoever.

Nickolich: What about doing eyeball tracking.

Staves: So couple minuum myo leap = communication.

Nickolich: That’s relatively easy w opencv.

Loper: Meh, i don’t know of any kickstarter projects for that lol.

Kolden: Besides i have a myo armband and a leap motion.

Nickolich: Point webcam at eyeball, track movement,? , profit.

Ohno: It will hopefully take care of 50% of the crappiness that is leap motion.

Nolf: Might have a good point here though opencv is pretty sweet i only touched the surface but lots of power in those libraries.

Debose: This is what i’m trying to reproduce without having a minuum sdk access.

Shempert: My uncle has arm and wrist movements.

Stdenny: I forgot to mention that part.

Stoutamyer: He can move arms, just not fingers.

Staack: But he doesn’t work out his arms enough.

Koen: In order to get him to excercise more i’m going to hook up controls so he can play baldurs gate.

Nickolich: Yeah, opencv is pretty rad, and infinitely hackable.

Delco: It’s basically stuff for reading webcam data and figuring out whats going on.

Kalfas: And by ‘gamifying’ the excercise i’m hoping he’ll redevelop his muscles.

Dipietrantoni: Yeah other reasoning makes sense.

Ravetti: Yeah i shoulda mentioned he has arm and wrist control.

It is able to generate a lot more of Ju

Pilkington: I can put my math skills to good use these days even though they’re 30 years old by tutoring high school and college kids.

Miu: Is it a bit overkill?

Kutt: Bendo. Ugh. That’s insane.

Broschinsky: Didn’t know how an average book would look like so i bought this one.

Marcello: It covers, qmatomic structure etc which i don’t even need.

Altonen: Are you a physics student?

Jucean: I remember engineering physics 180181 Nord mode enabled.

Simcheck: Math major, but we have a test in the basic chapters of physics. Like newtons laws, momentum etc.

Coyier: I was hoping for something along the lines of dcosx4y, x=5t4, y=1t but that doesn’t work.

Sivia: Wait, you want to compute partial derivatives, right?

Abrahamsen: So i thou, ok let’s get this book, it probably covers everything.

Butland: Yeah, bendo, sounds like it.

Coyier: Dzdt and then partials as well.

Sivia: Well, compute them one at a time, then.

Sivia: If you want mathematica, get mathematica.

Ptak: Mechanics is covered in the early chapters, so i guess even if you don’t plan to study the whole thing, it could be good. Amazon reviews seem very positive, but as i said i can’t really comment, i don’t know this book.

Coyier: Mathematica has syntax to enter in that sort of thing?

Garman: Ok but should i study the areas i wont need? Such as atomic structure particles behave like waves etc or can i skip these chapters? I need tho nuclear physics which comes after these chapters.

Sivia: I’m sure there’s some complicated way to compute all derivatives, yes.

Coyier: I really just need dzdt not partial so i can check my work.

Sivia: So substitute in x and y.

Coyier: 52 minutes? I’m outta here.

Vivino: Hi, could someone explain why Sweeton’s theorem is true? “Sweeton’s theorem states that truth of sentences in the vocabulary language of arithmetic cannot be expressed by.

Kotur: You can use a gödel numbering to express the statement p = “p is not true”.

Kotur: Do you have a more specific question? That looks like a fairly standard treatment.

Magin: Why do many people make functions that are fnx instead of just fx,n etc.

Swezey: Because you’re looking at it as a function of x.

Kotur: It has the connotation that n is ‘fixed’.

Jansky: The n just describes which function of x.

Deshazer: I just think it could work either way.

Kotur: Also if n is discrete, x is real, you want to be able to say things like “fn is differentiable” which is awkward otherwise.

Dominquez: What does it mean for “n to be discrete”.

Pressman: Er bad placement of quotes lol.

Kotur: In this case i just mean n is a natural number.

Bouleris: I don’t understand the proof that’s in the notes, when it defines subm, n.

Kotur: Subm,n takes the goedel number of some sentence which has a free variable, and puts the nth sentence in place of that variable.

Kotur: So sub”x is prime”, 7 gives you “7 is prime”.

Kotur: It is defined awkwardly because you need to unquote and quote to do the substitution.

Kotur: Oh, when i said “nth sentence” i meant “nth natural number”, sn is defined that way on the first page.

Mahmoud: When a probability question asks what is the probability that this event happens or this event or both events, what are they really asking? It feels like its an and question disguised as an or?

Vodder: The problem was “out of a standard deck of 52 playing cards, john picks one card. What is the probability that john picks a queen, a red card or both? ” so pq = 452, and pr = 2652 and both would be pqpr?

Won: A theory being weaker than another theory means.

Won: It is able to generate a lot more of Jutte.

But what then? Do i sum the two somehow

Devillez: Sorry for all the dumb questions coming your way. Heh.

Devillez: You’ve pointed me in the right direction though!

Devillez: Hey, seems the lm324 is 3 cents cheaper than the 741.

Devillez: Oh, nope, was looking at another opamp it seems.

Devillez: I’m m***ively confused.

Devillez: I can’t even figure out how to use an opamp to amplify an audio signal!

Devillez: So, i want to make an 8band audio spectrum ****yzer.

Devillez: I suppose i should use the signal coming out of the dac going into the ampspeakers.

Devillez: I don’t want the filters being a load, so i take it i should hook an opamp to the audio line to amplify the signal first.

Devillez: And then p*** it to the filters.

Cheslak: No friend of mine told me about all sorts of crap because somebody paid them to. Furthermore, no friend of mine has ever been obcessed with telling me about 6,660,000 irrelevant things. Google does all this crazy stuff, and more. No friend of mine. Tool, yes. Friend, no.

Basa: It’s something a professor at school drew for me.

Caetano: Well, an instructor, not sure about professor.

Cicerchia: The left side is the input, the right side the output.

Rexroat: The top and bottom are the an supplies.

Zane: You really only need a center tapped pair of 9 volts connected in series.

Corcino: Center for the ground, the on the right of the 9 volts in series for 9v, and the one on the left for 9 volt.

Farinacci: That should give you enough to power an opamp.

Sansoucy: Of course, they don’t need to be perfect.

Condiff: I am running 9 volt on one, and 6 or 7 volts on the other side of my dual power supplied opamp.

Alexandropoul: But it probably helps to have them balanced.

Larousse: The and are actually inverting and noninverting inputs.

Zola: Those aren’t power supplies.

Posch: Honestly, i don’t know how those work.

Buckwalter: I’ve never tried an opamp that doesn’t require a dual supply.

Devillez: I’ll grab a handful of 741′s and one or two of those to play around with then.

Devillez: So that’s a basic signal amplifier schematic in the picture? What values should i use in my case?

Devillez: I don’t even know the amplitudes of the audio line, let alone what to amplify them to.

Meers: For 2x amplification, will reach 2 volts from 1 volt.

Devillez: How do i achieve 2x amplification?

Devillez: And would that be enough so it doesn’t distort the audio signal as it reaches the ampspeakers?

Devillez: I’m mostly worried about not distorting the signal i’m trying to ****yze.

Devillez: Also, what do i do with the negative line of the cable?

Twiss: But for audio it may help to make r1 or r2 a variable resistor.

Rottinghous: That way you can start with a low volume and slowly increase.

Devillez: So i just plug the line from the audio cable into it and that’s it?

Nippe: The input audio cable goes to and ground.

Bostock: A resistor r1 connects from to the output of the opamp.

Devillez: I mean, what am i using as ground?

Schimke: R2 connects between r1 and to the ground.

Geasley: Just the center of the two 9 volts in series.

Devillez: Also, the signal is stereo. Do i amplify it and then sum it somehow?

Lacinski: Oh, for stereo you need 2 opamps.

Reder: That picture is for the ground and the right or left line only.

Tinucci: For right and left, you need to duplicate the design for the other channel.

Vilven: Sharing the ground points.

Devillez: But what then? Do i sum the two somehow?

Don”t leave it in a selection zone.

Sweeton: I’m happy the web is better for it.

Nickolich: If apple had allowed it, people would still be doing it.

Lingenfelter: But i miss as3 a lot.

Nickolich: Consequences performance be damned.

Tomkiewicz: Ecma6 is looking good though.

Senseney: I’ll be content again soon i’m sure.

Nickolich: C’est la technoligie.

Clemmon: So anyone? About my problem.

Nhep: With my limitations i gotta find a cleaner way to do it.

Nickolich: Skarr i’d throw a node server up, have *it* p**** your ****, and have angular communicate with node.

Nickolich: That way you can write a proper angular app that wont be useless when you move off that platform.

Breuning: Anyone have a leap motion?

Deroos: That would be ideal for sure but out of my league currently .

Combes: And want to do a test for me?

Deporter: Do you have a leap motion?

Koestner: Is yours super buggy or jittery?

Nickolich: Clemmon you must have a management category to have a management. Subcatetoy.

Nickolich: Proloser its not amazing.

Harker: I saw lots of jitters but really not terrible imo.

Terrezza: Does anyone have a good guide on angular form validation?

Nickolich: One of those products that’s awesome conceptually, but sorta crap for any real use case that isn’t playing a magical cartoon flute.

Lighter: I’ve tried building my own ftir stuff though so i’m used to throwing away garbage data and stuff.

Latu: Yeah i couldn’t think of anything to do with it. In a drawer.

Grivna: It’s a cool idea too.

Clemmon: Found that it need a prent. But its just url. There is nothing in management itself.

Nickolich: The wasteland technoligy drawer. Next to my dell phone, treo, etc.

Crincoli: Can you test that out.

Fagerlund: To make it work, you swipe your hand to the right edge to add a new word to the sentence.

Soucier: You swipe left to erase the word or the last word in the sentence.

Bloodworth: You swipe to the right twice without a wordinprogress and it will dictate the entire sentence.

Tutwiler: To add letters to a word, move your hand left and right and lower it on the letter you want to add.

Rorie: You can adjust the height trigger, i use around 20% or 40%.

Newburn: It’s super buggy and crashes the page tho.

Nickolich: Crashed my browser. Not a good strat.

Magbitang: Also, only the first row of letters work.

Egleston: Yeah i need to add more throttling, etc.

Ocain: And just refresh the page.

Noorda: And don’t let it hang off in a trigger zone.

Clemmon: Management state have no template or controller only url to append to.? How.

Nickolich: Just updating leap software.

Ludeman: This is ike the least performant code ever lol.

Clonch: Can you recocrd a short video?

Escribano: Try typing ‘you tire’.

Seleg: Also, how can i adjust math. Round?

Amadi: So like. It always rounds down.

Schleppy: Instead of 0. 6 rounding to 1.

Tande: I may not be ableto answer questions about angular but i got the simple **** covered.

Nickolich: Proloser soooo yeah. That’s terrible.

Broersma: I think you just crashed my machine.

Rusinko: You were holding it in a selection zone.

Klear: I was going to download the linux leap drivers and everything went caput.

Englehart: But yeah it needs lots of fine tuning.

Ziedan: Don”t leave it in a selection zone.